Every year I take a Sabbatical, usually anywhere between 2 weeks and a month.  It takes a lot of work and design to afford this time both financially and emotionally.  I use my yearly sabbatical to run, eat well, stretch often and choreograph the new dance set for UNMATA.  It’s difficult for me to choreograph lengthy pieces at home because “home” is full of distractions.  Beautiful, fulfilling distractions.

In 2012 I had an emotional breakdown in a hotel room while road tripping with my youngest daughter Plum.  You may be able to relate to this… you may not.

I have dedicated the last 18 years of my life to Bellydance and “Tribal Fusion”.  I have worked mostly in studios, event halls and hotel convention centers.  It has been a long time since I have read a book, painted a picture, changed my own oil, cooked…  I feel there is a lot of “me” that I have not yet discovered.  Are you relating?

I don’t take enough time to think.  I’ll tell you a secret that will help summarize.  I use shivasna to brainstorm.  

I keep things.  I keep paintings done 20 years ago, and choreographies from over a decade ago.  I never improvise unless I’m doing improvisation I’ve worked on for 13 years.  I have a hard time letting things come and go.

So in this breakdown of 2012 I started designing a plan to take 1 full year away from scheduled “work”. Time for thinking, spontaneity and life.  It took me 3 years to save enough money, get my children graduated from high school and free myself from regular classes in Sacramento and already contracted “work”.  (I put work in quotations because I love what I do and can hardly call it “work”.)  I sold almost everything I own, except for a couple motorcycles, bought a truck and trailer and gave a 30 day notice to my landlord.  I am now officially houseless except for this 21 foot travel trailer dragging behind me.  

So here’s the project:   CHARGE, a free event.

I feel this project is going to develop and change throughout it’s lifetime so I don’t want to say too much or build too many boxes.

I am traveling North America in a truck and trailer for 6 months.  Along the way I am finding “movers”, not necessarily dancers, to make Art with.  The time we spend on these works will vary from minutes to days.  I am going to share all the pieces with you!  You can check out links to the work on Facebook at Unmata Sigil or subscribe to this website www.sigilsabbatical.com.

I will let people come and go.  I will let ideas come and go.  I will let movement come and go.  I will not hold myself to pre-designed standards.  I will be open.  And above all else, I will say YES!

CHARGE, a free event.