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CHARGE: Needles, California

CHARGE: Needles, California

February 1, 2016

Kristine Adams & Philippa Moirai

I would have never guessed I would meet up with Kristine Adams and Philippa Moirai in the very small town of Needles, California, on this historic Route 66.

I saw on Facebook that Philippa and Kristine were in the states and on a road trip. Turns out we were both driving through Arizona. We decided to meet right on the border of California and Nevada.  We found a cute little trailer park right on the Colorado River to park our rig.  They found a motel only a couple miles away.

I invited them over for dinner at the trailer.  We caught up on travels of past and future plans.  Then we checked the weather for the next day.  Snow both ways and super crazy winds!  We all decided to just spend the day together in Needles and wait the weather out for one more day.

I shared the CHARGE project with the girls and…YES!  Kristine proposed a deserted old motel she saw as location. Yes. Philippa proposed a Hotel California flamenco remix. Yes. We started some laundry at the park and head to the motel.

It just happened. One idea after the other. We just did it.  It was a loosely developed idea with a lot of improvisation. It was so enjoyable. Kristine and Philippa are a joy. Creative, light, loving and up for it. This was the most time I have ever spent with either one of the girls. I have respected both of their works for many years but this was my first opportunity to experience truly why these two humans are so uniquely amazing.

I’m reaching to find much more to say because it was easy.  Enjoyable. Relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

Just yes 🙂

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