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CHARGE: Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

December 12th 2015


I went through Asheville, North Carolina specifically to visit my dear friend SamiTe. We stayed three days in a beautiful spot on the river. I got in some great runs and great dinners! The last night we were there, SamiTe took us to her friend Nicole’s house for some music and a hot tub soak.

Nicole is awesome and she just recently found Psytrance. Psytrance is electronic dance music geared toward long sessions of a type of trance dance. She told me how she found this music and how it changed her life. CHARGE! Raven actually sent me a text while she was sitting there that said, “Charge?” We made plans for the next evening and we stayed one more day so I could specifically work with Nicole.

We started with some flocking just to get to know each other’s movement a little bit. She had done a lot of Tai Chi in her past and it came into play right away. I could tell that Nicole had not collaborated a lot in movement. She was mostly comfortable completely shut off from her surroundings, disappearing into an alternate space. Movement is an escape for her, a transformation.  I tried to take her cues and disappear into my own world when she needed it.  WE had trouble finding each other at first.  She moves with her eyes closed so I found it difficult to collaborate and easier to follow her… wherever she was going.

It was a very cool experience to be where Nicole lives in movement.  I find myself rarely moving without analyzing and remembering.  She let in and let it go.  I can compare it to moving Shavasana.  I mentally struggled with what we would tape and document.  I could tell it would be difficult to solidify something from this session, it would not be exact or re-creatable.  So we taped a few things and then Nicole started singing.  I was with her and she took us somewhere extremely special.  She let me ride along with her and I have a feeling she doesn’t always make room for other people in her movement process.

What I loved about moving with Nicole was the ability to separate and come back together, numerous times.  Waiting for her cues when she was ready for me.  Finding my own space when she wasn’t.  Dancing with her to Psytrance and feeling the passion that she carries for this sound.  Listening to her sing, listening to her breathe, watching her control the space around her.  She is free in her movements.  She is an individual and strong when she moves.  This is how Nicole rebels against her normal world, how she finds spirituality.

Thank you Nicole for finding ways to include me in your movement.  Thank you for making this experience profound.