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CHARGE: New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

November 18th 2015 5:10pm-5:40pm

Sara Landrieu

Oh my gosh, Sara!!!

I have already spent a couple days in New Orleans, and it is really very charming and witchy.  The streets are alive!  There were so many colorful humans that I think I was overwhelmed at first.  We spent a lot of time walking around the usual haunts and although I had some random interactions, I wasn’t moved to ask anyone to make something with me.

Day 3, the truck needs new tires.  We have about an hour and a half to kill.  We took a walk down to the bayou near City Park and passed by an antique store.  Raven pulled me in and there was Sara.  We spent a couple moments talking about the eccentrics of the city, then I told her about CHARGE.  She was in right away although she told me that she was a terrible dancer.  We agreed to meet at her shop at 5pm.

Her store, Broads on Broad, is gorgeous.  It’s full of so many treasures.  I was very excited to have some place private and beautiful.  Sara was so trusting.  She brought us into her shop and locked the doors.  We had only known each other for literally 4 minutes.

I picked a song I thought fit the venue.  She loved it! Sara offered up the whole store and 30 minutes of her time before she had to make a furniture delivery.  We sat down in two beautiful chairs to talk about the piece.  She looked at me and said, “Just tell me what to do and i’ll do it.”  Then she started throwing ideas at me!  The whole piece was full of really awesome organic ideas from Sara.  She had presented herself as a non-dancer with little vision on the project.  She is actually a very driven visionary artist full of independence.  She was clear with what she loved and equally as clear with what wasn’t working for her.  Sara is a joy to create with.  She grew her heart and body into it.

Sara is a 58 year old vibrant woman full of love and trust.  It was so comfortable for me, we laughed like we were old friends.

I am thinking about how incredibly easy it is for me to move with strangers.  Is this a dancer thing?  Is it a completely weird experience for them that I act so casual?

We finished in 30 minutes with as much detail as we could solidify in that time.  It was so fun!  We gave each other huge hugs and exchanged emails.

I felt so light during this process.  I talked about it all the way back to the trailer, making observations and assumptions.  I love talking about the experience after, wondering if my creative partner is talking and thinking about it as well.

Here’s one more thing…not associated to any one experience…  I want to share more of the dark side of what I have been feeling.  These experiences that I’m having are all amazing processes, at the same time, I’m questioning the product a little.  Do I really need to video this?  Does this transfer?  I am not giving up on the project, but I’m questioning where the “work” is right now?  Where the value lies and where all of this is leading.

I am going to start working on some new workshop material and this might give me some perspective…

Dancing with Sara was so fun!!

Thanks Sara and her Broads on Broad antique shop!

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