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CHARGE: Austin, Texas pt. 2

Austin, Texas

November 6th 2015  9:00pm-9:10pm

Kylie Phillips

I was not on a CHARGE mission this night, didn’t even bring my iPad for taping.  I went with April Rose to a house warming party for one of her friends, Melanie.  I am on the back porch chillin’, and in walks Kylie Phillips and her Dad Swift.  I could tell she was a performer right away.  She was so animated with her Dad!

Lauren Checchio was also at the party and we were fortunate enough that she brought her dumbek with her.  Lauren is a bad ass drummer from austin.  She was playing and young Kylie (12 years old) couldn’t stand still.  I asked her, “Do you want to learn something?”  She said yes right away.  Lauren handed me the drum and jumped up to show her some steps.  It was so much fun to watch, but every time I watched the dancers I fucked up the rhythm!  I had to concentrate.  Then Lauren switched me spots and Kylie started talking about crumping.  I begged her to show me something.  We practiced the first 4cts crumping and I added a 5-6-7-8 hip step thing.

Raven grabbed her phone camera, Lauren drummed, Kylie and I danced and April Rose called out the highlights.  I know it’s poor lighting and I debated wether I should post the footage.  The beauty in this one though is the spontaneity and organicness.  I had just met this young lady and we were dancing together.  In true collaboration.

So, after the magic I talked to Kylie and her Dad about the project.  Turns out Kylie is already a celebrity in her own right.  She is Kyliegirl414 on youtube!  She is a singer, songwriter, dancer and choreographer.  She travels for performance and already has a music video out!  Watch it here…..KylieGirl414

This explains why Kylie was so willing.  I thought to myself, she’s a professional!  Her interview is one of my favorites.  She just turned it on when I said go.  I went home immediately and googled her.  She’s amazing.

I do wish there was more light, but what I love about this event is the age difference.

At the end of the evening the host, not Melanie but her husband, stopped to tell me something.  He explained that Kylie’s father Swift and him had toured together for many years.  he told me how special it was to watch our interaction for him.  Full circle friends.  Full circle!

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