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CHARGE: Austin, Texas pt. 1

Austin, Texas

November 15th 2015  3:00pm-5:00pm

April Rose Burnam

April Rose was on my ‘exception to a stranger list’ since the project first conceptualized.  She is one of my dearest friends, for a very long time, and I don’t know if we have ever created together.  I have choreographed, she has choreographed, but we have never made something together.

We started in her living room standing, moved to the floor sitting, then to the dining room table.  It was unclear at the beginning which movements we were technically banking but we continued to just explore.  It was casual work, mixed with random love and snuggles with her animals.  Raisin, the small mixed breed dog, and Butterball a fluffy calico cat.

Once we got to the table things really began to solidify and the “choreography” began to take shape. The piece seemed to say ‘relationship’ right away.  The movements were slow and calming, but it seemed like there was an undertone of misunderstanding.  Now that I have watched the video again as I write this, I actually think it is about actually understanding!  About two people in different places with deep connection that spans time and distance.

We tried a lot of other stuff with the table, but once the music was chosen, it defined where the piece ended.  We used almost everything we banked sitting on the floor but nothing from the standing session.  I was really satisfied when we were able to incorporate some of the ideas from the sitting session because I was unsure how everything was coming together.

I’m very interested to hear what everyone’s different feelings will be about this piece.  What does it reveal?

I really love what we made, but more than that I loved these things:  Watching April in a healthy happy partnership, living in her new house, seeing the new Rose Movement Studio, dancing in her classes on a Wednesday evening, watching her with her animals, hiking the green belt and the making of her interview (so great!)

I have been in Austin for 7 days, the longest we have stayed anywhere since we left Sacramento.

I love you ApRoRo!

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  1. Arlechina Verdigris says:

    I saw the link on April Rose’s wall and gave it a click, watched the video, read the post and the about page to get caught up on the project. All here now. PART I–I want to gloss over the “beautiful flow” stuff [because it is all there and luscious] and go right to the bits that pique my interest. I liked the chironomia at about 3:15-ish. The bull’s horns. I wonder if you dance as yourselves or if you are adopting characters that you are only just beginning to flesh out for the piece. A being and a story that only lives as long as the music is playing. PART II–Adorable idea and you guys are goofs. There you go flipping the script right as I was settling in to be serious. 🙂

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