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CHARGE: Concho, Arizona

Concho, Arizona

October 29th, 2015  9:00am-9:05am


Raven’s Dad and wife Tori bought some property in Concho, AZ.  We made it a priority on this trip to make it out there.  It is 150 acres in the middle of the high desert.  20 miles on a dirt road with the nearest neighbor over a mile away.

Raven’s Dad is a good ‘ole fashion country boy with a side of red-neck.  He moved to Arizona so he could ride his 4 wheeler to the store with a gun on his hip and a rifle mounted in the cab.  I was immediately inspired to ask him to make something with me during our visit.  Leonard says there are only 2 types of music, Country and Western.  I knew this.  I also knew he is not so open to what he would consider “hippy shit”.  I needed to think strategically about how to get him to say yes.  I should come with a plan, or even a little choreography.  I picked up an old pair of cowboy boots from a resale shop, selected an old Randy Travis song and worked out 2 counts of 8.  Something simple just in case we couldn’t figure something out together.  I thought I would propose it on the 2nd day.  Warm him up a bit.

Day 2:  I chickened out 🙁

I’m not sure why I felt so scared of it.  I am completely comfortable with people saying no to me.  I usually have to use some sort of persuasion to creatively get experimental movement.  I told myself he was going to say no, I was going to push too far and things were going to get awkward.  We will never know if that would have happened because I never even asked him.

In the morning I was kicking myself with my old new boots.  Lame.  I totally let that moment pass by.  I feel like I should write about both the triumphs and failures of this project.  So here’s a video clip that I consider a failure for this project.

I asked Raven to come outside with me and tape the little combo I had done for her Dad so I could reference this.  I don’t like the combo when I watch it.  It was made for more, not just for me, but for an experience that I didn’t grab.  I am not sure if I don’t like it because of what it represents to me, or because I just don’t like it.

I do love this 1951 Chevy behind me named Jake.  I love the colors!  I love the morning light in the desert and my new old boots.

I will remember this feeling next time I second guess myself.  Remember…CHARGE!


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  1. Michelle Farinella says:

    Dear Amy,
    This is my favorite entry so far. What you viewed as a failure is far from it. You are here and now. You are doing it. The dream is unfolding and fear, regret, disappointment is still a part of that process. Amazing. My heart aches with gratitude and empathy. This is a universal experience and we are blessed by your courage to share it with us.

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