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CHARGE: Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona

October 23, 2015  6:15pm-6:20pm


Tiny little ghost town turned biker-artist community.  On the advice of Sherri Wheatley we rolled through.  I have never been here even though I lived 2 years in Arizona.  We got in late so we found a fireman to direct us to a free land space to camp.  It was incredible.  Small dirt road turns into a beautiful pull out on a gorgeous bluff!  In the morning we walked to town.  Literally the second shop we entered, I met SunFlower, who was working in the shop. She spoke to me first, “Well, aren’t you a work of art.” Still new to how I would be asking people to participate, I started by just asking her what time she got off work. I took a walk down the street but could not stop thinking she was the one for this stop, so I went back and asked if she’d like to dance with me when she got off work, she was so excited to do it.  68 years young, mother of 6 and grandmother of 12, I could not wait to see what would happen. I was really surprised that I met my new dance partner so quickly!

I met her at 6pm outside and she drove me to the park.  We talked of her 6 daughters and shared grandma stories.  She said she has known me before and we were supposed to meet again.  I picked the song for her.  She cried when she heard it.  Then she just started dancing.  I followed her.  We danced it 3 times and she lead me every time.  It was again almost dark.  Sorry for the video quality.  SunFlower was worth the wait.  She wanted me to know that the universe is giving her a farm with goats and room for all of her family.  We are going to meet again, I am sure about that.  I think she is a medicine woman with a lot of wisdom.  While we were dancing together she was whispering, “These are the crystals they gave me.”

All light had been replaced by only a sliver of moonlight as we finished up. We exchanged a couple of hugs and SunFlower said, “OK…we’re just going to walk away now…” I could tell that she was fully connected to the experience, and as we parted she returned to her car and I heard a loud, “Whoooooo!” I smiled to myself. We had met for that joy, I am certain.

The process was different for me – she just took off flying and I had to find how to keep up with her.  We literally worked for 3 minutes during the 3 times we played the song.  Ready, Set, DANCE!  I have thought about her so much after this event and we have been texting each other regularly.  I can’t wait to go visit her on her Universe Farm!

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